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Please consider making a donation to support restorative dialogue. Your donation promotes individual and community healing where deep hurt and emotional pain may be eased and hope restored. While some of the work done by the Center involves contracted services, we respond to many requests for restorative services and materials without expectation of payment. 

Examples of the work we do:

  • A school social worker needs help creating a restorative circle for a student in danger of being expelled from school. Your donation funds this.
  • Community members want to learn how to create restorative dialogues in their families and workplaces. Your donation funds this.
  • Restorative Justice practitioners in our region need a space to problem-solve restorative cases and learn from each other. Your donation funds this. 
  • A survivor of sexual abuse wants the chance to have a surrogate restorative dialogue with a person who has committed sexual harm and is also seeking restorative dialogue. Your donation funds this.

Make an online gift


image of phoneIf you have benefitted from our website's resources or we had a phone, email, or in-person conversation with you and provided useful advice, or referrals, please consider our suggested donation scale:

15 minutes: $15-$25
30 minutes: $25-$40
60 minutes: $40-$60

Make a donation if you have benefitted from our resources or advice

Make your contribution go farther. Many companies match their employees' charitable gifts. If you're not sure if your company matches gifts, go to