Listening Project

Listening to Victim Advocates and Victims Regarding Their Experiences with Restorative Justice 

Listening to the Movement book cover with a photo of a stairway

Read a chapter by Ted Lewis that references the Listening Project two decades later. "Are We Serving Victims Well? Considerations on Victim Engagement in Current Restorative Justice Movement Trends"   View a page that lists all of the chapters in the book co-edited by Ted Lewis: LISTENING TO THE MOVEMENT: ESSAYS ON NEW GROWTH AND NEW CHALLENGES IN RESTORATIVE JUSTICE


This report (PDF) details the activities and outcomes of the Listening Project, a collaboration of professionals active in the victim community and the field of restorative justice. Funding for this project came from a grant provided by the Open Society Institute’s Criminal Justice Initiative. The project was housed in the Institute for Justice and Peacebuilding at Eastern Mennonite University from 1999-2002.